Meet Me There

Oh how I yearn to meet you there one day, in that place beyond.

Beyond the flesh and beyond time. Beyond our roles, our pasts, our fears and names; beyond the limits, and beyond the frame.

We’re overdue for a rendezvous, in that place where no words need to be spoken yet nothing is left unsaid. In that place where dreams are born and fears subside, where there is no distance, no time, no walls between us; no bridges to cross or mountains to climb.

Sometimes, when we’re fast asleep, you meet me there and I whisper in your dreams. I whisper, “meet me here, when you’re ready, when you can. Meet me in this place beyond.”

I’ll be waiting here, with glistening eyes and trembling lips. I wait, with perfumed hair, silken robes, and jewels on my chest. I wait for you to come and see me as I am. I wait for you to come and strip me bare.

Oh how I long to hear the deep timbre of your honest voice, to gaze upon your naked truth, to melt into your sensuous touch.

I am waiting here, where the sun touches the horizon, where the seas meet the shore. I wait for you where the lines blur in morning’s soft, golden light.

Meet me there, in that place beyond.

Meet me and we will dance, two sovereign souls whirling ecstatically with the flow of life itself. Meet me in the realm beyond, where insecurities bow and the heart reins.

Meet me there, when you’re ready, when you can. Meet me in that place beyond.
© 2019 Cristen Writes


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