so many poems

the more i look

buttery light

you only have to break open once

at the waters edge

i am

nervous laughs

she just grew that much stronger

will you help hold me together

our footsteps are echoless

you never needed the clothes

youll just know


we could feast on4610217658354256994..jpg


those days

endless corridors

i will find you

summer readies herself for bed

that precedes the verse

to honor a soul born pact

upon my skin


familiar faces

picture box

sometimes poetry feels dead


elemental trials

im happy

like a perennial in spring

majestic tapestry

you are every little thing to me

dancing the spiral staircase

cristen rodgers im diving all the freaking way in


wrong relationship



you are my beloved gazing back at me

one day it will all make sense

his words taste like love loss and hope

first learn to love the darkness of night

i want to drink every last drop of you

the right thing

accidental rebels

put it all on the line

when will science catch up

discover what it means to run

look right at the camera

go ahead and call yourself queen

when spirit says dance you dance

moments that defy them

a herald of eden guiding him closer to home

i slow down enough to easily spot the way

the monsters in my head

fire too hot for a plastic disguise

wings in this world of gravity

worth the ink it took to write it down

elemental storm

life while we live

still think about you every day

flowering of my soul

numinous gardens

my own stupid shit

with each watercolor sunrise

a precious drop of eternity for a soul parched by time

cristen rodgers quotes

the door was never real



more than silver linings

elemental mistress primordial paramour


dont be afraid to get high

how rainbows are made

you fucking rise

walk across the moon

you need no disguise

now like never before

this life after life

so they say

as women and as girls Cristen Rodgers

grew the tree that she climbed Cristen Rodgers

shattered and scattered

the oceans dont envy

astounding resiliency

morning birds same

gently gently

linda death of a million cuts

I don't want to come back down

insoluble wilderness overwrite

like the honey bee and the flower

true lover

the secret garden

how to flow

There you are my beloved

even chaos feels like calm


let go and be free

these truths remain

grand symphony of love

dont go to sleep

bloom in certain seasons

listen and feel

she waits

the colors of the sky

i see you. do you see me

shadows can only linger wherever you haven't yet shined the light

how can i put into words

where exactly does it go

keep your eyes on her face

what i do to myself

pull back the curtain

i see because i know

the heros journey

every trigger is a gift

let me be born anew this day

just surrender

This revelation

only by healing

utter quietude

it really is okay

lucid living demarked divinity

from beneath the live oak tree

remember remember

do unto others

just thinking she said

thank you

after our mothers heart

the shape of her soul

my favorite bookshelf cristen

the beginning of the end was the end of a beginning

looking up looking out

modern shaman 2

it really is okay

hush now child

in how many ways can you love

I love you forever

remember remember

eye candy

i believe in miracles

life will have her way

dancing the dream

precious moments of surrender

dancing the in between

wonder whats next

now i am a warrior

the little things

dancers of light

when a goddess does rise

once foretold

those chains were never real

you already are

meet yourself all over again

On Love do we thrive

oh the beauty


Ill hold the space

all is well

rising star

a time before

walk on

I don't know

a fountain of love



deep water swim

magnificent mighty and bright

all is one yet each remains

the entire sky

what you seek is what you see

be not afraid

loosen your grip

the symphony that is you


when even my tears run dry


just one

unconditional love

the true heart

i offer you honey

found you

come to dance with me

my muse


your own secret wants

a shrine of flowers

just remember

a soul in bloom

may i always remember

come home

what is freedom

the paradox

Love is the way

the space in between

we are all one family


my teachers

in the sands of time

walk gently

tell your tales

every time i think i know

there's a secret

my closest friends

she is undying hope

from here

the sun never sets

my mind is the sun

born into fire

i love letting my soul soar

everything is going to turn out alright

like the first petal of a flower bud

sometimes the purpose of the thorn

listen to the sound of silence

many of us step foot on the path

the moon doesn't consider one phase better than another

help me awaken the goddess within

your story isn't isolated

sometimes you have to lose yourself

we are the authors of our own fates

two petals on the same flower of life

and now I'm also thankful for cleansing tears

like seeds on the wind

we are all artists

listen closely even the trees exhale

i look into your eyes

an awakened woman

we're all gardeners

maybe the moon just lost herself

sometimes the greatest gifts

be still my hand

be careful not to laugh at the phoenix

at times there will be fire

we are but rocks

summer rushes in on the heels of spring

just like one gust of wind can carry more power

each breath is like a little rebirth

my cage door was wide open

all the secrets of the universe



the wind calls me

your every inhale

let's nurture our spirits until they shine

i promise

sometimes what's dead must be burned away

the real world

the mind rises and falls

a two sided mirror