Never Alone

You are never alone.

When you’re wandering out in the cold, I’ll be the blanket of snow that keeps you warm. And when you’re lost in the dark I’ll be the voice that reminds you to look to the stars.

When the noise rises to an uncomfortable pitch, I’ll be the wind that shakes the dead leaves from your soul; and when the silence is deafening, I’ll be the honey that whets your appetite.

When the world spins too fast I’ll be the sunrise that gives you pause. When the way is unclear I’ll be the truth that sets you ablaze; and when all thats left is ash I’ll be the rain that awakens your spring.

You’re never alone.

If ever you grow weary from your travels, if your resolve faulters and your knees begin to shake, I’ll be the moonlit path, the rising wind in your hair, the songbird that guides you home.

I’ll be the whispers in the dark that wake you from sleep, the cool hand that steadies you, the herald that reminds you to govern the dream.

I’ll be there. When the days are long and when the nights are cold. When your blood runs hot and your tears run dry.

I’ll be there. When your laughter rings down the corridors and your smile echoes in the hearts of many.

When you feel the sting of regret, and the tender touch of hope. When you tap the wells of love, I’ll be there.

When you jump from the nest, I’ll be the wind that catches your wings; and I’ll be your greatest fan when the day comes that you learn how to sing.

You are never alone.

© 2020 Cristen Writes

Image by escume on Deviantart