War Cry

This is our war cry!  May it echo across countless years.  May it rumble through forests and course through cities, reverberate across valleys and sing off mountain peaks.

Let our roars be heard by the birds of the sky and the fish of the seas; may they tremble through oceans and kick up their own breeze.

Steadily our voices have simmered for years.  Now they have reached that pivotal heat – they’re rising up, bubbling from the depth of our souls.  May our sacred screams send shivers of shock up your spines; may our songs of rebellion resound and ring in your ears.

This is our cry!  Listen closely, daughters, sisters, and mothers of earth.  Wake Up!

Shake off the sleep induced by this world’s poisonous lies.  You’re not lacking, failing, or inadequate as they’d have you believe.  You are enough, you are whole; and you have nothing to prove.

You are a spring breeze just beginning to take flight.  You are the breath of God, the cradle of light.  You are formless, boundless potential as great as the sky all packed in a body that itself creates life.

Wake up and remember your true names!  You aren’t a title printed on paper, nor the contents of your head.  You can’t be defined through an accumulation of numbers on accounts, ratings, and scales.

Wake up, you stunning spirit hiding behind human clothes!  Wake up and join our roar! 

You’ve been cramped in that box for so long that to stand causes pain – but the time has come to break out and bravely walk through the ache.  You weren’t made to be just one kind of person, to go just one way, to believe just one thing.  You’re a well of potential that drinks from an infinite spring.

Your real power, true purpose, and unbridled passion eagerly awaits.  Remember who you are and break free from your social constraints.

You’re the bud before springtime, the sun before morning.  You are the raging river just before its dam breaks.

You’re here to create, not just to contain. 

Join us now, let’s hear your war cry!  Allow your natural passions to sweep you up and crash into this world forcefully, following your own flow unabashedly.

Rebel like the true artist you are – burn like the sun, flow like the breeze, and shine like the stars.

Stop walking that thin line as you balance their standards precariously – be slender but not thin, have curves but not thick; wear clothes that are appealing but not too revealing, be gentle and don’t get too grim.

Wake up!  Join us in our cry!  Light a match under their picture of what’s just right.  

These ideals and images are all a diversion, intentionally crafted to be impossible to meet.  It’s just an illusion, keeping us chasing the next new thing and separating us with the belief that we need to compete.

It’s time to stop wasting our power on fabrications, fantasies, and futility just because they’re dressed up to look like femininity.

Stop listening to this world that tells you that you have to work to be good enough for itYou were sent here to mend, to save it.  You’re here to reform it

Remember who you really are, you glorious little glimmer of God.  Stop trying to keep it all in; stop letting this world make you pretend.  They taught you to be embarrassed to feel and trained you to hide it all away.  They made it an insult to be called by a feminine name.

But it’s time to wake up, to yell out, to reveal the lie.  It’s time to show your heart, your soul, your womb – the places where the true power hides.

You were made to feel things from the pit of your soul and to pull power up from the roots of this earth.  You feel pain as deep as the ocean and you burn with passions as hot as a thousand suns.  Your protective nature is as ferocious as a pack of wolves and the power of your love makes the earth shake.

You are a creature made to turn inside out – you feel the flesh of this world in the center of your bones.  Your compassion, your love, your sensitivity, your pain – these are your powers, your gift.

You are here to give voice to the mute and to be strength for the weak.  You are here to speak truth when the world is asleep.

Take down your hair, strip down bare, and let out a roar.  Clench your fists, throw out those heels, and let out a guttural scream.  Tear off the mask and show your tears; rip open your chest and let your heart bleed out for all to see.

Wake up!  We cry from the depth of our souls.  Wake up!  We roar at the top of our lungs!  This is our sacred voice and it will be heard.  Wake up and join us; let’s start healing this world. 


©2016 Cristen Rodgers

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  1. This is such a powerful piece! The words “war cry” bring about a commanding urgency.

    Have you already considered adding a portion of this to the Poets for Peace project? Neha at Forgotten Meadows is hosting until the end of the month and is being electronically published.

    details here

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 🦁🐯 ROAR! This is so powerful Cristen incredible call to action! Rise of the sacred Feminine. Namaste sister Goddess let us remind the world what being a Woman truly means as we all come together shining in our divinity.

    Waves of Light and love all

    Liked by 1 person

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