And So it Is

In the light of the sun, may we loop the final stitch in all that’s been shorn unduly apart; and by the soft glow of the moon let us smooth out what remains of all our old scars.

When we feel the slight itch of a past pain, let us casually brush it away – and as the last remnants of that wound flake off, may we find that a new kind of beauty and strength has grown in its place.

So it is; and so it may be.

Let the discomforts that once drowned us become oceans of strength – and the hidden hurricanes of our fears settle into a welcome wind at our backs.

May the thorns along our path learn from tasting our blood as much we’ve learned from suffering their bites.  May those we no longer need withdraw from our path, and may new blessings begin to bloom in their place.

So it is; and so may it be.

May we find all of the answers we seek in the depth of our souls – and let the light of their truth guide us as we transform and ascend, like the sun guides the lotus on its journey of emergence from the mud.

So it is; and so may it be.

May we be respectful enough to feel the heartbeats of those who came before us vibrating through the soles of our feet.  And may we be humble enough to hear the voices of those who will come after us as they softly sigh in the wind.

May we recognize the spark of Divinity within ourselves; and may we recognize ourselves in one another.  May we see this earth as an extension of our own souls and see ourselves as an extension of the stars.

So it is; and so may it be.

Let us remember when our emotions begin to whip and roar and our blood starts crashing through us in waves that the storm only exists within our minds.

May we develop the presence to pause, the consciousness to control ourselves, and the courage to concede to the greater plan.  And through it all let us have the levity to laugh at our mistakes and to learn from the moment.

So it is; and so it may be.

May we come to know love, learn to live in love, and eventually understand what it means to be love.  May we reach out and grasp every chance as it flutters by – and let us always appreciate its delicate beauty and allow ourselves to get lost in the tenderness of its touch.

Let us become so helplessly addicted to love that we look for it everywhere and in everything.  May it permeate our every thought and may it be the source of our inspiration, the force behind our action, and the definition of our every intention in the world within as much as the world around us.

So it is, and so may it be.

©2016 Cristen Rodgers

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  1. Oh Cristen, this is so what I needed to hear today as I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in the political drama going on in our country. Thank you for being the light and love I could draw from as I work to bring myself back into a better frame of spiritual balance. Today I dedicate all my thoughts, actions and deeds to rekindling the love within me that yearns to be expressed. 🙏

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