The words that are posted here on this site, on social media, and are printed within the pages of my books are far more than just strings of letters; they are vessels that hold a piece of me.  They carry within them my passion and my soul; they represent my time and my heart.

In a way, these words are like a garden of roses.  I tend to them daily, feeding them with love and watering them with my attention.  When something begins to bloom, I love to share it with my readers.  I enjoy giving them the chance to see them, to hold them, and to feel the inspiration I felt while tending them.

I’m honored any time that someone feels so inspired by my words that they want to share them with others.  After all, inspiration is the whole point.  The only thing I ask in return is that they be properly cited (details below).

 ~ Cristen

Copyright & Permissions

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