Love Yourself

Love yourself, if it’s all you start out to do. Love yourself so much that you start to understand that there’s nothing you need to prove. Love yourself until, rather than being your own worst enemy, you become your own best friend.

Let go of the judgments, if only a little bit at a time, and love yourself. Love yourself until each wound begins to reveal itself, one layer at a time. Love yourself so much that they rise up to be healed and released into the light of your true greatness.

Just love yourself. Love yourself through every layer that you strip away, until self-honesty becomes the norm rather than something to be feared. Love yourself in such a way that it starts to become easier to love what you see in others. Love yourself until the power of love itself washes you clean from the inside out.

Love yourself. Give yourself some compassion and offer yourself forgiveness. Trust that there is so much good inside, good that’s just been covered over by regret, fear, and shame. Love yourself so much that your hardness becomes malleable and your coldness begins to thaw. Love yourself until it’s safe to let go – to let go of the expectations, the criticisms, the judgments, the anxieties, the regrets, the pain. Just love yourself free.

Love yourself until you see. Love yourself until you realize that it’s acceptance that allows your greatness to slowly break out and reveal itself, not the other way around. Love yourself until you know that love was always the answer, that your beauty and light was always there, just waiting to be revealed, just waiting to be allowed, just waiting to be unleashed.

Just love yourself, even if only in little bits at a time. Love your way into an open heart, mind, and eyes. Love your way into a better world, a better outlook, a better life.

© 2017 Cristen Rodgers


  1. You have set forth a clear path for us, Cristen, and for yourself. I trust that you love yourself and realize that you are loved by us, your readers. I have sold myself short, in the past, and am only recently realizing that being worthy of my own love is not narcissistic, but is more a matter of being genuine, and of recognizing the love shown by others.


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