Endless Shades

Sometimes it can almost feel as if I am too much, like there is far more inside than one life could possibly contain. Sometimes it’s like I’m pulling apart at the seams and these inner galaxies are pushing against the walls of my chest, looking for ways to come pouring out. 

Sometimes it can catch me off guard for a moment and make me feel strange, as if in this world I don’t belong – but it isn’t long until the truth grounds me in this amazing, achingly beautiful, resplendent realm once again.

It isn’t long before I remember that, despite its appearance, nothing is ever actually contained. There is only one limit to how many ways there are to share the love and adoration of life that comes bubbling up from inside. There is only one limit – the one I entertain within my mind. 

And so I decide that there is no such thing as too much. There is nothing that can contain me, not a social norm, not an acceptable expression, not a body, not even a mind. 

Perhaps, in remembering that, I can help others do the same. Maybe then, together, we can dance the color back into a world that for too long has been painted in limited shades. 

© 2017 Cristen Rodgers


  1. Hi Christen,
    Thanks for sharing that because I have definitely felt that too. I’m making up that it’s a feeling we get when we’ve opened ourselves to the expansion of the Universe and it fills us up to overflowing and the experience is one of endlessness, like we go one forever into realms we can’t see or touch (or control). It’s both scary and exhilarating!


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