The Lonely Light Bringer

A firefly is most striking in darkness.  While the rest of the world rests in shadows, she threatens their slumber as she passes by carrying her little lantern with her.

Though the light bringers of the night are some of our most precious resources, they are often the subjects of the saddest stories.  Unbeknownst to them, they have the most important job, bringing the passion and the soul to the bleakest communities.  Yet these little messengers must suffer the darkness all around them when all they truly want is more of the light.

The little firefly must carry her own life breath upon her back, only ever enjoying what light she herself can muster, unless she stumbles across another of her own.  Even then, two or three little torches in the middle of a long night can begin to feel cold and lonely even to those with the warmest hearts.

The lonely firefly suffers the darkness, not because she fails to bring the light, but because she is too busy tending her own inner flame to consider that perhaps she just needs to leave the night behind.  Sometimes the most beautiful souls are those who are so busy trying to better themselves that it never occurs to them that perhaps they are just surrounded by the wrong people.

Our torch bearers, who bring light into the night, serve their purpose when the time is right; but it’s up to us to make sure that they don’t get left out there all alone forever.  Those of us who have suffered through the long night and have awoken to the brightness of day owe it to the messengers who have stepped up behind us to leave signposts for them to easily spot.

We must shine our very brightest and let our rays reach the farthest they possibly can so that, when the time comes for her long night to end, the lonely little firefly can find her way to us, to find her home among those who live in the day and can join with us as we bask in the sun that we have collectively made.

Those of us who live according to the love in our hearts, those who seek spiritual understanding, those who have awakened from slumber, must remember that, though we may have found our own communities of like-minded people, there are still so many out there who question their own sanity because no one seems to understand them, who suffer due to their difference of thought and their unique perspective, and who have been taught to think that the depth of their feelings is something to be ashamed of.  There are still those who don’t know that they are not alone and that there are others like them.

Perhaps the best way for us to show our gratitude for the homes we have found amongst one another is to be sure that those who are still out there in the darkness will eventually find us and will feel immediately, always and humbly welcome.

© 2015 Cristen Rodgers

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  1. Such Light and Beauty in this post, such far-reaching rays of Love, Truth and Spirit… You truly are a blessing, bridging the dusky haze between day and night! I am humbled, and grateful, to have crossed your path… Thank you!

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