In Defense of Words


Whoever said that actions speak louder than words must never have become lost, drifting on the current of a captivating book. I imagine that they have never had to re-structure themselves after melting into formlessness from the heat of a poem’s fire. They must not know what it is to bleed ink upon a piece of blank paper until all the pressure within has eased enough that their heart can resume its beating.  Words are not something that precedes action.  They are action.  They live and breathe and it may even be true that their lives and influence far exceed that of other human actions, because a word contains the soul of the writer, it reflects the perception of the reader, and it holds a moment in its form, its sound, and its meaning that may otherwise disappear, lost forever to the passage of time.

©2015 Cristen Rodgers


  1. So true. When it comes to managing and defeating depression, for example, words make all the difference. NOT the words others say to us but the words we say to ourselves. Words either lift us up and drag us down and our own words are the most powerful. Thank you for the reminder and for following me. God bless.

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