Beyond the Veil


I invite you to come with me as I venture beyond the veil.

Together we can tear through the gauzy mirage that separates us from one another and from God. Perhaps at first our steps will be tentative, as we get our first glimpses of naked reality, with all of its pretenses and illusions stripped away. But surely with time we will grow courageous enough to tear that veil completely down and dance across the field of energy that stretches before us.

Let’s explore the world as it truly is, free from the illusion of separation, of limitation, and of fear. We can peek at the ripples and waves that we create as we move and dance and sing within this infinite ocean of possibility. At least for a little while, we can step away from our limiting beliefs and look upon the many faces of God; and maybe, just maybe, it will help us remember that we too are one of them.

Come with me, my friend, and together we can go beyond the veil.

©2015 Cristen Rodgers


  1. Ms Rogers, enjoyed reading your blog post. I truly believe that God is in the Silence one enters into through meditation and one must enter it alone, yet still so much joy !

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