What are Chakras?

I am pleased to share the following post written by Spiritual Healer and Author Joseph Drumheller.  A link to Joseph’s site and little more information can be found at the end of this post.  

A friend of mine, who vaguely knew I was interested in spirituality, tried to connect by striking up a conversation.

He said, “I think it’s really cool you’re into that energy stuff, like kung fu.  I think it’s a amazing how fast they can whip chakras around.  Those clubs on a chain look lethal.”

“No,” I politely corrected, “those are called nunchucks.  Chakras are something a little different.”

“Oh,” he replied, slightly mystified.  “Then…ahhh…what are chakras?”

I went on to explain.

The answer goes back thousands of years into writings of the Vedic tradition in India (2,000 – 600 B.C.), where knowledge of chakras was first unveiled.  Chakras were described as centers of spinning energy, located within the human aura (energy field).  There are seven main chakras, specifically located from the base of the spine to the top of the head that receive, assimilate, and transmit life force (Divine) energy.  Each chakra contains measurable patterns of electromagnetic activity and reflects essential aspects of human consciousness.  The chakras are major contributors to the subconscious human experience.

Bev Edie
Bev Edie

The photo in this article is a simplified map of the human chakra system.  The list below contains the name of each chakra (English and Sanskrit) and corresponding attributes.

#1        Chakra:          Root (Mooladhara)

Location:        Base of the spine
Color:                         Red
Note:              Middle C
Life Issues:    Survival, grounding, organization, home, family

#2        Chakra:          Sacral (Swadishtana)

Location:        Just below the navel
Color:                         Orange
Note:              D
Life Issues:    Pleasure, sexuality, abundance, well-being

#3        Chakra:          Navel/Solar Plexus (Manipura)
Location:        Stomach area
Color:                         Yellow
Note:              E
Life Issues:    Self-worth, esteem, confidence, will power, freedom of choice

#4        Chakra:          Heart (Anahata)
Location:        Heart area
Color:                         Green & Pink
Note:              F
Life Issues:    Community, nature, love, family, friendship, purity, innocence

#5        Chakra:          Throat (Vishuddhi)
Location:        Throat, mouth, jaw, ears and shoulders
Color:                         Turquoise, Blue
Note:              G
Life Issues:    Truth, creativity, self-expression, communication

#6        Chakra:          Brow/Third Eye (Ajeya)
Location:        Between the eye brows
Color:                         Indigo, Violet
Note:              A
Life Issues:    Wisdom, knowledge, imagination, intuition, discernment,                                                     planning, vision
#7        Chakra:          Crown (Sahasrara)
Location:        Top of the skull
Color:                         Violet, White
Note:              B
Life Issues:    Beauty, harmony, spirituality, connection to Divine and Life Force                                      Energy

Keep in mind; this is general map and guide. The chakra system is a very fluid, dynamic and integrated energy system.  It often flows and moves like ocean waves or gentle clouds of electricity.  This movement can be felt inside and around the physical body with experience and practice.  The chakras can also be influenced by sound, color, thought, feeling and intention with positive or negative results.

By the time I finished, my friend’s eyes were fairly glazed over.  When he realized I was finally done with my monologue, he shook himself and asked, “So…do you know where I can get a set of them chakras.  My kid’s birthday is coming up and he’s really into marital arts.”

Joseph Drumheller is a published Author and Energy Healer from Washington State.  He’s conducted over 2,000 sessions since 1991 and worked six years at PeaceHealth Cancer Center in Bellingham, WA, honing his craft as a healer.



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