I Hope You Live

I hope you live – in all the ways that only you can. I hope you brave climbing the greatest heights and that you have the courage to take the deep dives. I hope you build your dreams, break the limits, and I hope you make some good friends along the way.

I hope when you see fear, you laugh in its face. I hope you take the mic – and you sing and dance the night away. I hope you give it a chance and take the stage. I hope you risk questioning something old and trying something new. And when you’re tempted to bury your head in the sand, I hope you lift your eyes anyway.

I hope you feel it – every triumph and pitfall, every step and stumble you take. I hope you stay open and honest, present and real. When you can’t understand it, I hope you open up and sense it. When you can’t see it, I hope you reach out and touch it. I hope you let your heart out and the world in, and when it hurts, I hope you use that to grow stronger rather than simply shying away.

I hope you stay true. True to yourself, true to your friends, true to your purpose, your dreams, and your plans. I hope you shred comfortable lies and unveil hidden truths; and that you press on when the way is unclear. I hope you surrender your hold, but never at the expense of your authenticity.

I hope you take the time. The time to listen. The time to be. The time to relax. The time to breathe. I hope you remember that clocks are but gadgets and thoughts but clouds in your eternal skies. I hope you are conscious enough to choose between living life in a flash or forever in a day.

I hope you see. See the whole in its parts as well as the many threads in the weave. I hope you see the moon when you step out at night and you stop to admire her light. I hope you see the sharp edges of green leaves in the summer and notice the raindrops as they bead on the eaves. I hope you see the souls behind the many eyes you’ll behold; and I hope you see the hearts beating behind acts of fear. I hope you see the harsh truths that hide behind sensuous lies, and that you spot the beauty that hides right in plain sight.

I hope you live in whatever way is right for you and that you do it with courage and mindfully.

Most of all, I hope you love. I hope you love openly and with all your might. I hope you unclench your heart and look her right in the eye. I hope you love in the ways unique to yourself, that only you can find. I hope you throw open the windows and let in the light.

I hope you love without boundaries, expectations or hold. I hope your love runs both deep and wide. I hope you love your family and friends, your journey and life. And most importantly, I hope you remember to love yourself.

© 2019 Cristen

Image by Alex Kormann


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