No Matter How You May Wander

I suppose if there were one thing I could say to you, my friend, it would be to stop sitting around listening to  what other people tell you; stop looking for a user manual for life.  Stop believing that the answers are ‘out there’ somewhere.

If you only keep one sentence of the many that I so carefully pour my soul into before I spill them out on paper, it would be the following:  there is no truth that I can tell you, nor that anyone can tell you, that you don’t already know somewhere deep inside of your heart.

If you really, truly want to find that place in life where you can drink deeply of beauty, of love, of personal passion, and where your mind is as a serene river; you need only remember how to trust yourself.  That place is inside of your own chest, buried beneath all of those layers of expectations, of definitions, and of restrictions that the world has piled upon you.  Trust yourself enough to unbury it; let the world keep their truths and just put a little trust in your own.

Don’t blindly follow my words.  Don’t oblige yourself to obey books or believe stories.  And stop looking to everyone else for the wisdom that you already have.  The heart doesn’t need to read and the soul doesn’t need to be taught.  It’s only the mind that needs these things before it can see truth.  So just stop listening to the mind for a little while, my friend, and open up to your heart.  Let your soul guide you and, no matter how you may wander, you will never find yourself lost.

©2015 Cristen Rodgers


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