Here We Are

There you are, my love, did I but for a moment let my gaze slip away? Your presence soothes me through a birds innocent morning song, and in leaf shaped sunlight dancing upon the walls. Your beauty astounds me, glimmering in dew covered petals and streaked across these pastel skies. Your hope courses through me as blood through my veins; and it fills me with such life as air in my lungs. You broke open my cage and this bird of my love has taken flight. Let me not forget these wings, nor the sweet scent of you lingering in the air, floating in on a sea breeze, and offering crisp reminders in all things green. Let me take courage from the way the trees root deep into the earth while yet reaching higher and higher to the sky. I am here, as you are here, together on a ship with no anchor, gliding through crystalline seas. Here we are, my love, may I not for a moment let my gaze slip away.

© 2021 Cristen Writes

Image by Marilylle Soveran


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