Live Gently

Let me touch this world gently; I don’t need to raise a storm or bring down a mountain. Let me simply hold a hand and whisper a prayer. Let me gaze upon a delicate flower and share its beauty with the next traveler along the way. I don’t need to be a sun, if I can glimmer like a firefly or a candle or a star. Let me follow softly the pull of my own heart and know only that all it leads me to will be as the subtlest hints to those seeking the way. Let me inhale the sky and drink sweet wines and tell simple stories of losses and loves and little splendors so that this peace is a spring rain that softens the soil, and these smiles are an elixir unbeknownst. Let me live simply and beautifully, and that be my gift and my gratitude and my greatness.

© Cristen Writes 2021

Image source unknown. For citation please email.


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