It’s Okay to be Both

It’s okay if one day you step out the door like a lioness and the next day you feel like you’re still just a cub.

At times you’ll be all dreams and daring, magic, manifesting, and miracles; but there may also be others when you’re weary, wary, conflicted, constricted, or confused. And that’s okay.

It’s okay if one day you feel the pulse of the universe flowing through your veins, and the next you reach out to find that your humanity is the only thing you know for sure.

Sometimes you might see your own heart in upturned fronds shimmering in the moonlight, and see the heart of the world reflected in the stars, but there may be other times when the only reflection you see is in the mirror and made of simple and faded flesh.

It’s okay.

It’s okay to faulter. And it’s okay to be strong. You are learning what it means to be both. Both soft and strong. Both confident and humble. Both spirit and flesh.

We aren’t here to overcome our humanity but to embrace it, to love it, to make the very most of it.

It’s okay if one day you reach for the stars and then the very next you reach only for a familiar hand.  It’s okay to know both light and dark. It’s okay to see your extremes and still hold your middle ground.

What matters is that you remember. What matters is that you remember the heavens when you feel weighted to the ground, and you remember your humility when you reach the stars. That you remember your wholeness when you feel torn apart, and you remember your own glow when trying to see through the dark.

It’s okay to be both woman and girl, both sun and moon, both wise and wonder-filled. There is a universe inside of you, with infinite modes of being; and even if you’re surfing galaxies worlds apart every day, it really is okay.

© 2020 Cristen Writes