Sometimes it requires far more courage to listen than it does to speak.

Sometimes taking a step back is the greatest show of strength.

Sometimes the best way to understand and heal the world around you is to understand and heal yourself.

Sometimes the progressive path is silent and invisible, paved with subtle revelations and surreptitious nudges rather than volcanic eruptions.

Sometimes those focused on learning can incidentally become our greatest teachers.

Sometimes mountains crumble beneath chisels and shovels, and sometimes they bow to a whisper.

We are each in a different leg of this journey, and we each individually must choose our own steps. Integrity, above all else, will light the way.

If you are led to speak, then let nothing intimidate you or quiet your voice. But, if you feel that now is your time to listen, that your attention is more potent than your voice, let no one tell you otherwise.

Above all else, let your heart lead the way. It can ignite more fires than a thousand matches, and holds more power than a thousand echoed words.

© 2020 Cristen Writes


  1. This is beautiful and wise Cristen. I especially agree about the listening. It bothers me that so many white people feel qualified to speak about racial issues for Blacks. Much more listening is needed.


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