You see, it was never about arriving. It has always been about the journey.

It’s about how many times you fall into a hole and you dig your way back out of it. Wiser. Stronger. Lighter. Brighter.

You’re never going to reach some final destination, because it’s always been right here. Here, in the midst of your every crisis, when you reach inside yourself and search for the truth. When you pull out another lesson like some gleaming jewel sifted from murky waters, and you polish it and add it to your crown.

See, that is the destination. That truth within you. That nudge to look deeper. That light that glimmers in the darkness. That part of you that knows where to look, that calls you back and lifts you higher time and time again.

It isn’t waiting at the end of the rainbow. It isn’t at the end of some long road you must travel. It’s already with you. Within you. Here. Now.

The path isn’t taking you anywhere. It’s teaching you how to find yourself everywhere.

~ Cristen Writes


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