A Room of Your Own

In this mansion of a heart you have always had a room of your own, a place where you whispered the wisdom traditions of mothers, a place where you could tuck your prayers and hang your hopes, a place that I could go when distance kept us apart.

Now, here, your room will always remain, filled with memories, decorated with laughs – a room filled to the brim with love and the sound of your voice and images of your beautiful face. Here, we have a place where we can send messages on the wings of angels and kisses on the wind; here your love lives eternal and your presence remains. Here you live on, in the love you shared and the stories you told and the tough lessons you never shied away from.

Here I will forever hold a space for you to tend to your roses and hold your babies, to watch your hummingbirds and place that blue ribbon in your hair and lay it over your shoulder.

Here, in your room, that fierce heart of yours can keep on beating. Here, I will love you, evermore, even after nothing else remains.

With eternal love,

Image by Era7 on deviantart


  1. To hear the whispering words of the Divine Spirit, is a rarity in today’s world. You truly walk with the Gods and Goddess.


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