A Kind of Healing Magic

Kindness, too, can be a kind of healing magic. Kindness too can break through barriers, dismantle weapons, tear down walls.

Sometimes a sincere encouragement or altruistic favor can bring far deeper and wider spread awareness than even the most well-intentioned criticism or authentic observation.

Sometimes a small act of kindness can transform the darkness that went overlooked in the midst of someone’s bravest battles.

You never know when your extended hand, whether they take it or not, is just enough to coax someone back down off the ledge.

You never know when your simple smile, whether acknowledged or not, is enough to splinter someone’s stormclouds with a single, shining ray of hope.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Sometimes it’s the softest things that alone can penetrate the hardest armour. Sometimes it’s the overlooked things that bring the most clarity of sight.

Sometimes kindness, too, can be the messenger of change, the breaker of bindings, the warrior of light.

Kindness, too, can be a kind of healing magic.

© 2019 Cristen


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