Where Love Ends

It isnt enough, they say. It isnt enough to live on love. It isn’t enough to feast on wonder and build with dreams. It isn’t enough to move with your soul and breathe with your heart – but we know it’s not merely enough. It’s the source of everything.

It won’t work, they say. You can’t heal with wishes and hang the world on a hope. You can’t dream something into reality – but we know we already are.

It’s not smart, they say. This kind of vulnerability. This kind of rawness, wildness, idealism, creativity. But we know that we can think with more than our heads and feel with more than our hearts.

Its dangerous they say – to break open hearts, tear down walls, and rip the veil – but we know its only dangerous in the way light is to shadows or the truth to a lie.

It’s not our right, they say. To take our lives into our own hands, to set one another free, to tap into the everlasting well. But we know it’s not just our right; it’s who we are.

That’s where love ends, they say. It ends with work, and bills, and politics, and wars; it ends when reality sets in – but we know that love doesn’t end at reality. Love is where reality begins.

© 2019 Cristen


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