Get Out of the Game

Some people will still try to play you every so often, knowing exactly which chord to strum to make you feel as if you owe them your time, your attention, your favor, your surrender, your pain. Some people see weakness in your compassion and care; and they’ll try to extort them in an attempt to pull you back into their game.

To all of you with great big hearts that have well-oiled swinging doors, and to all of you with seas of compassion so deep that they overflow from your eyes; remember that love isn’t always blooming flowers and birdsongs.

Sometimes love is the thunderstorm that washes their lies away. Sometimes love is the sharp teeth that protect the pups. Sometimes love is the salt that keeps the devious at bay.

Remember that your love is not a weakness but a strength. And remember to love yourself first, when they pull those heartstrings and bring your songs of compassion to life. Remember that you too deserve to be respected, protected, and treated with care.

Remember that loving someone does not mean that you have to welcome them into your den; and forgiveness doesn’t mean giving them opportunity to pull you back into their games.

© 2019 Cristen


  1. No matter what. Always show them compassion from a great that’s filled with joy and love!
    Thank you immensely for the great reminder!🌟💫🌠☄


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