A World of Love

Let’s dream of a world of love, and imagine how such a world might seem.

Just picture a world painted with the exotic colors of souls who don’t wonder if they’re really good enough, and graced by the movements of those comfortable in their own skin – a world where just existing was reason enough to be accepted, to be loved, and to be treated with compassion and care.

What a sight it would be to see – crowds of people dancing in the street, gleefully stomping atop the masks of who they once pretended to be!

Imagine a world of love and how bountiful it would be if we all understood that we’re brothers and sisters of the same great family.

Imagine a world where everyone and everywhere felt like home. There would be people huddled in cozy circles everywhere, comfortably confident in their sweatpants and un-brushed hair. Conversations would flow like rivers, and passions would burn like the sun, as people communally explored ideas and chased their dreams.

Let’s dream of a world of love, where everyone gives whatever they have to give without concern or care – a world where abundance isn’t something we individually seek but that we collectively share.

Imagine a world of love, where judgment is so unnecessary it no longer even has a name. Imagine a world with no need to feel or inflict shame, where missteps are dispelled by a modest pause and a silly smile, where every imperfection is loved and every quirk is adored – every last lip bite, clumsy line, or cowlick of hair.

I can see it now, children playing atop piles of links that once belonged to their educational chains, freely exploring their own passions and gathering knowledge in their own perfectly imperfect ways.

Let’s dream of a world where people, like flowers, unveil themselves in seasons according to their own needs, without anything ever needing to be forced or delayed.

Let’s dream it into reality – a place where everyone knows that the full gamut of human emotions can be safely explored, and where nothing is off limits when it comes to imaginings. A place where frustrations are tempered by compassion, and conflicts are resolved with empathy and honesty.

Let’s dream of a world of love, where we all see the beauty hidden away inside of everything. Just imagine people giggling at the spontaneous splendor displayed in the crinkle of someone’s eyes, or smiling affectionately at the funny shape of a neighbor’s morning hair.

Imagine a place that felt so much like home that there would be no question as to whether you should give a stranger a bite to eat, or if one person might get up to offer another a seat.

Let’s dream of a world where there are no shadowy corners for the trappings of fear, where the earth would naturally thrive in the liberal arms of love, rather than withering under the rigid rules of material lust.

Let’s imagine a world where we all see with more than just our eyes, where we aren’t concerned so much with bodies, titles, and clothes as with the unique beauty of what people hold inside.

In such a world, depth would be celebrated and histories understood. We would honor individuality and celebrate our differences as the puzzle pieces they are.

Just imagine how it would be – if the dreamers and the doers stopped bickering and chose to complement each other, and if the masculine and feminine finally came together to honor and balance each other!

Let’s picture a world of love and figure out how to paint that reality. Let’s create a world of love – it can start with a dream.

© 2017 Cristen Rodgers

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  1. “Imagine a world where everyone and everywhere felt like home.” So it has begun for me, dear Cristen, as I’m sure it has for you. This is a delightful return to your previous posts of uplifting and gently painting a word picture of the world that is sure to emerge, as more and more people travel about and pay attention to one another’s dignity and well-being.

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