The Schoolhouse of Life

Life is like an ardent teacher – the kind that cares enough to be strict when it’s necessary and to push you as hard as it takes to help you learn, the kind that you either love or hate, depending more on what kind of student you are than on her teaching methods.

The kind that you find yourself remembering later on and silently thanking for what she taught you – maybe that’s what it’s all about when someone remembers a past life.  Maybe that life was one of the more zealous teachers whose lessons suddenly become applicable  in the here and now, and you can’t help but look back and whisper a well-earned thank you.

In any case, what’s undeniable is the way that life seems to be devoted to your learning and growing, even if you aren’t. Regardless of what kind of student you are, she keeps bringing you back to the lessons, time and time again. She presents it in as many different forms as it takes until you can understand what’s being asked, what’s being shown to you.

Until you get it, it looks like an entirely different problem each time, unexampled, unrelated, distinct – but once you see it in the right light and begin to understand what’s being taught, they all start to make sense. You start to see how they were all teaching you the same thing and, even better, that the answer to one is the solution to them all.

And that is fucking beautiful. It’s frustrating and confusing and it can make you absolutely mad, but once you see it for what it is, all of that past frustration turns into water for the seed that just broke open, feeding your growth at a rate that makes the wait and all of that frustration so very worthwhile.

©2017 Cristen Rodgers

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  1. “I bow to the divine in you” (Namaste)

    Funny thing….when we give life the finger, it doesn’t give up on us. The light in you, Cristen is the eternal light that has no form and can’t be described but is in all the life that we are. You shine beautifully and clearly. Thank you.

    Check out Fred Davis (The Book of Undoing or Awaken Now). This isn’t a plug, I don’t get a kick back. He talks a lot about life shaping us as the illusory person to awaken to the eternal self….and he is funny.


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