What an Introvert Knows

Some people are never alone in the quiet libraries of their minds and the open meadows of their hearts; while other people are lonely despite being overtly adored and surrounded by family and friends.

Some people embrace vulnerability while sitting in dusty bookstores, or wandering alone through the trees; while others hide in plain sight, wearing masks of steel and vying for center stage.

Sometimes confidence means being comfortably quiet in a world that’s spinning out of control, while fear means speaking often, jovially, and loud.

There are times when bravery looks like a cozy corner away from the noise, despite the snickers and sneers of those who don’t understand, while cowardice dances wildly wearing a cloak of confidence and a string of painted smiles.

Rebellion sometimes dresses in ambivalence and modesty, while conformity dons the current fashion of those who want to rebel; and security can sometimes be mistaken as a fear of change, while insecurity fears a moment without it.

Sometimes courage means sitting down and listening, and fear can mean shutting others down so you can speak out. Sometimes the ones who understand the most are the ones who won’t offer you advice; and sometimes the ones who always have answers are actually empty inside.

Some people are so happy that they aren’t afraid to cry, while others smile constantly to hide that they’re suffering inside. Some people are straight faced when they tell a lie, while the honest ones are fidgety and nervous because they’re pulling every last drop of courage they have inside.

Sometimes the sincerest are those who are questioned the most, while those with the most fans are just masters of imagery and mimicry. Sometimes the one who cries the loudest is actually the one who causes the tears; and sometimes the ones bleeding the most were taught to never speak out.

Sometimes the truth is overgeneralized, while the most complex webs are spun by those who live a lie. Sometimes things aren’t what at first they seem, and sometimes those who scream at others to wake up are the ones still lost in a dream.

© Cristen Rodgers

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  1. We wear so many masks, don’t we, to present to the world what we think we ‘ought’ to be! No more! It’s okay to be who we are and isn’t every single person on earth a different reflection of Divine light. Awesome, really. Thank you for this post. Lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

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