Earth Angel

Oh how I long to be among your earth angels; teach me what I need to know. Strip me of all that’s selfish, all that’s dense, free me from any lies.

I ask that you hear me now, as my soul is crying out. Speak to me and teach me. I’m calling all angels, teachers, and guides.

Help me let go of judgments, so I might be as open as these pages on which I write. Open me. Read me. Help me clear what’s already been written and learn how to fill that space with your love, your truth, and your light.

Teach me the ways of the healers and to leave all control at the door. Cleanse me, clear me, and purify my mind. Help me learn how to be forgiving, welcoming, loving, and kind. Walk with me as I illuminate every shadow with your unwavering light.

Oh how I long to be free of any remaining notions of superiority, inferiority, overburdened ego, or competitive pride! Right now I strip myself bare. Let those walls come crashing down until all that’s left is the essence of love that’s been hiding inside.

Teach me. Lead me. Show me how to see people’s fears without shying away, how to lovingly look them and myself straight in the eye.

My deepest desire is to become a servant to love. Please help me release all that yet stands in my way. Hear my soul’s plea and give me strength. Let me now close my eyes as I recite this prayer, so you can send me dreams of giving and healing, of loving and comforting, of joining the angels’ ranks.

Help me let go of the selfish desires that have taken me this far. May I let go the need to gather love and light and joy and peace only unto myself. I want to learn how to take only what I need, and to multiply it and give it back out again.

My soul cries out in earnest and with undying hope. I cry unto you to cleanse me of what holds me back and keeps me weighted to ground, so that I might be of true service and do the real work instead of just whatever serves me in the here and now.

Guide me to the path that will take me there someday. Teach me what it means to let go of my pride and to strip my ego bare, to walk and talk and write for something far greater than myself.

Give me challenges and give me strength, give me whatever is necessary to be a healer on earth. Help me. Teach me. My spirit now knows its path.

Let me drop the masks and sacrifice my pride. Help me face the terror that this idea conjures up inside. Teach me how to listen without the distractions of my mind. Help me learn how to be completely open and understanding, to make no judgments and to believe no lies.

Help me really understand what it means to do things that aren’t about me. Help me express a love so pure that it, not me, is all that they see. But just as importantly help me figure out how to see others in the same way. Give me the vision necessary to see beyond the fear and the pain into the pure spirit inside. Help me connect to it directly, without judgment ego or blame.

Bless me with the wisdom to understand that it was never about me. Teach me to be the earth angel you need me to be.

©2017 Cristen Rodgers

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  1. A long slow process Christen, so that when we do finally realise that love within, it is appreciated all the more because of the sacrifices we have made…of ourselves to find it.
    Beautifully written, thank you for sharing the love of your journey ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amen! Boy is that what I needed to hear. You put my need for clarity into view. Now I just need to get out of my own way so I can see it for what it has to teach.
    Thank you Christen!


  3. Your words and more notably your heart touches so many of us because our heart sings a similar song. Through unconditional Love we harmonize our ego and rise our consciousness to higher realms! Thank You for sharing your heart and inspirations.
    In Light and with Love, PortiaSLB


  4. Excellent article! We will be linking to this particularly great article on our site. Keep up the good writing.


  5. Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thanks


  6. I been threw a lot in the last couple years. Feel like devil was trying to break me but couldn’t. I can feel other people thoughts and feelings and o get this knowledge out of nowhere. Write back plenty more please write back.


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