Continue On

Continue on.

And just when you start to turn the page on the wounds of the past, just when you start to feel the budding excitement of something you’ve never known, a conditioned voice in your head will tell you to look back.

Continue on.

It will whisper, “But what about him? What about her?

Should I go back to help? Can I heal her too? Might this love change the game?”

Continue on.

“Could this knowledge bring understanding where there once was pain?

Can this new light pierce their darkness too?”

Continue on.

No matter how strong the temptation, turn yourself straight and continue on.

It is not your job to heal the person who wounded you. It is not your role to be a light to those who tried to smother yours.

Your job is to continue on. Continue to heal yourself. Continue to learn and grow. Continue shining brighter with each new step.

Continue on.

And leave the rest to the same greater power that took you this far.

It is not your job.

Continue on.

© 2023 Cristen Writes


  1. This path you are speaking of is one at some point all travel, but most do not heed your advice of the Divine Inner-self to, “Continue on.” The inner voice of the divine cannot be ego driven since she is an aspect of the timeless and dimensionless reality. Sadly, most will only hear the voice of the mind, look back and not fully step away from the emotional toxicity they were once a part of.


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