Hello Darkness

grounds are shaking
walls are caving in;
exposing each fear,
every anger and sin.
every step I’ve taken,
all I have been
chaos is brewing;
the ice is too thin.
alone in my head
words start to shake.
releasing the pain,
I let the ice break.
cold water pulling
it’s so hard to breathe.
wounds I was hiding
they finally bleed.
I’ve been here before.
I know where to go.
so journey I must
into the unknown.
I’ll brave the night
and travel alone,
digging up truths
to bring them back home.

© 2022 Cristen Writes


  1. Oh Cristen, you write as if you wrote for me. A collective consciousness, a collective surrendering and letting go to all that no longer serves. Thank you, dearest One for capturing in words what my spirit aches to be said, giving voice such that we can let it go.

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