This is Yours

All this beauty is yours. All of these stars shine and all of these flowers bloom for you. The misty mountains were carved out with your pleasure in mind, and the sparkles of afternoon sun on the water are to favor your eyes. The peacocks blazon, the wolves howl, and skies blush for you; and the ways of the dancing dragonfly, the ringing bluebells, the swooning lovebirds, and the giggling springs are your ways as well.

All of this freedom, this creativity, this joy, is yours. It’s your own reflection on display in these brightly colored wings. It is of your inimitable beauty that the songbirds sing. You too carry every season within you, just like the leaves of trees transforming through the spring, summer, and fall; and like the flowers whose seeds are wrapped in elaborate gowns of wine and coral, saffron, violet, and plum, you too hold the very power of creation within you.

All of this strength is yours. You are both the deep-rootedness of the trees and the power of the storm. You are the hardness of the clay and the water that softens it. The very earth you walk upon reflects your grounded strength, as the sword does the unending power, sharpness, and balance of your truth.

All this love is yours. The waters caressing the lonely shores and the leaves kissing the morning dew are but reflections of the light that glimmers from your very own eyes. The sun shining down upon hot summer sands, and the fires that burn to hold the cold nights at bay are remnants of the same spark that warms the center of your chest.

All of this – your fingers carving notes and my heart bleeding ink, the frogs singing hymns, the gardenias romancing the air, and the stars adorning the night – it is all remnants of the same explosion, castles built of the same sand, prisms of the same light.

All of this is yours; and all of this is love. Remember this. Remember your beauty and remember your strength. Call upon your creativity. Unleash your joy. Remember that you are love. Remember that all this is yours; remember that all of this is you.

© 2019 Cristen Rodgers


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