We the Dreamers

We are the dreamers, the ones with souls as deep as oceans and with the reflections of stars in our upturned eyes. We’re the wistful, the hopeful, and the quiet ones, gazing off in the distance with that absent but knowing smile.

With our heads in the clouds and our hearts on our sleeves, we slip past the edges of reality and dance through vast blooming fields of possibility. We’re not afraid to dive down deep as we search for treasures lost to culture, ego, and time – imagining a world where the earth and humans could mutually thrive.

We’re the believers, the ones who have faith in things you can’t physically see. We trust in nature’s abundance, the power of authenticity, and in the mysteries of divine synchronicity. We’re the crazy ones who walk and talk as if our dreams were already a reality, the ones who don’t care how unlikely they might yet seem.

We are the healers, the ones who’ve come to turn lead into gold. We don’t shy away from shadows, danger, or even pain. We’ve walked through our own fears and into the truth that waits on the other side, so we can walk through this world’s darkness and show others the way back into the light.

We’re the warm embrace of the mother on cold winter’s nights and the soothing voice that quiets the shrieks of broken hearts and tired minds. We’re the healing balm that gently helps you look beyond your pain, and the whisper urging you to open up and try living again.

We are the artists, the creators, and the hopeless romantics of all sorts. We’re the ones who see beauty in everything, who swim in seas of passion, and who feel compelled to express that zealously. We’re the ones made up of both fire and ice, who are in love with every hue, tint, and tone of this thing called life.

We’re the agitators, the instigators, the ones who question, challenge, and trigger this age. We’re here to slyly usher in the most difficult and the most necessary change.

We’re the empaths, the philosophers, and the thinkers too. We’re the ones with eagle eyes and an unstoppable urge to find the truth. We’re the ones applying old knowledge to the creation of a great new age, the architects of the future and those crafting keys to unlock our collective cage.

We are the wild ones with windblown hair and dirt on our feet. We’re the free ones, the rebels, the pagans and hippies, the ones who sing around fires, dance in the rain, and speak to the trees.

We are the people who society has always demonized, the truth of our beliefs rarely recognized. We’re the ones trying to remind you that we aren’t living in nature but are nature living, the ones who are too open to worry so we just keep on giving.

We are the resiliency of the human heart. We’re the hope that forever survives. We are the side of human nature that you’ve been taught to deny and hide. We are your neighbors, your brothers and sisters, your teachers, students, and friends. We are the spirit of creativity, curiosity, hope, beauty, and life that never ends.

We are the children of the divine, sparks of the eternal flame. We are all brothers and sisters, regardless of race, religion, or name. And we’re here to dream, create, heal, challenge, and teach, to usher in a new kind of world that’s anchored in love, beauty, life, and a lasting peace.

We are all pieces of the same great puzzle of life – each with our own gifts, powers, and unique insights. There’s never been one better than another, only the need to come together with respect and love for each other. Heaven on earth is a dream that together we can create, if only we look with acceptance, openness, and communion rather than judgement, fear, and hate.

So be true to who you are and dance to the beat of your own heart. Follow your soul’s guidance and invest in your own art. Look with compassion and love upon the rest of humanity, so we can see what beauty the greater picture might turn out to be.

© 2017 Cristen Rodgers

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  1. This is us! I receive daily, constant messages from my departed angel and, of late, from a kindred spirit, whom I met, little more than a week ago. Acceptance, openness and communion are the only way forward, indeed.

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  2. You are amazing! You have a beautiful talent for writing. Thank you for sharing it with us. It is a beautiful gift god has given you and and for you to share it with us is such a blessing. Thank you.💞

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  3. If our inner selves were transformed overnight major changes would take place in our lives.
    But it’s a slow process and everyone must get their own experience.
    This is part of walking through the darkness and showing others the ways back to the light you talked about.


  4. Thank you. Your words moved my soul to tears of love and recognition. Thank you dear SiStar thank you for being who you are. Infinite love to you.


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