Rainbows and Fire

Did you know that you have Divine beginnings?  You were born of endless potential, made up of stardust and love mixed with rainbows and fire.  You came from everything and nothing, everywhere and nowhere.  You are a child of the Divine.

Though you once rested in the arms of heaven; you knew that there was still more work to be done on earth.  And so it came to be that you pinched off just a little piece of that potential, you mixed it with passion and a dash of fire, and you poured all of that love and light into a tiny bottle.  Carefully, you squeezed every last drop of this celestial stuff into your little human container; and then you took the lid and you threw it far, far away – you planned on always keeping close ties to home.

With your top wide open, you floated your little bottle down to earth where you could be an artist whose canvas is as wide as the universe and whose mediums are as diverse as the stars.  You could dip your pen in fire and write poetry with your life; you could splash love across the world and spill stardust from your soul.

Sadly, it seems that the years have faded your memories of home and you’ve forgotten the magic you’re made of.   But, haven’t you ever noticed how sometimes it seems as if your bottle is just a little bit too tight, like you need more space to move and more air to breathe?  Well, though uncomfortable, these feelings are there to remind you of a secret that you have somehow managed to lock deep down inside.  They are there to remind you to just look up – your lid is still open.

No matter how long it’s been since you thought of home, and no matter how beautiful or horrible your art has become, the truth of your noble birth still remains.  If ever you feel small, just remember that you are made up of the light of millions of stars, that you hold the entire rainbow in your essence, and you arose from the same energy that holds the planets in motion, that carries the wind and seas, the same energy that sustains the sun.  If ever you feel alone or bound, just remember that you are the child of eternity, risen from an infinite field of pure and perfect potential.

The next time that you feel tired, or alone, or like this container is a little bit too small, just remember to look up.  Just take moment to peer out through your open top and I’m sure you will be renewed, invigorated, and inspired to see that there’s a trail of stardust leading you from this little bottle all the way back home to your Divinity.

©2016 Cristen Rodgers

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  1. Cristen. . .this is breath-takingly beautiful! It is perfect for my today. It is music to my soul. I remember “home.” I hold “home” in me. I am so thankful for your words — they are like brush strokes on a beautiful canvas. Please don’t ever stop painting. . .we all get to “see” so much with you!

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  2. Great post! I do believe that we planned out our destiny (with Divine guidance, of course) before we even came to earth. We came here knowing, on a soul level if not a conscious level, the lessons we wanted to learn and the goals we wanted to achieve. Too many people don’t search their soul to find a deeper purpose that would give them fulfillment. If we don’t accomplish what we planned to do here, we will never feel at peace or truly joyful. I also believe that if we feel that we, in partnership with the Divine, planned it all ahead of time, we will not feel so bitter and “cheated” when things go wrong and life gets difficult. We will realize it’s all part of the plan, all part of what we wanted to learn.

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    1. Thank you, Gloria! That idea resonates with me as well, that perhaps we pre-determine our goals in experiencing and influencing this reality before we arrive in it. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and thank you for your thoughts! I hope you have a wonderful day! Namaste

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