The Windows of the Soul

Recognizing beauty is as much about the eyes that look as it is about what they are looking at.

We peer into the world through the windows of our souls – and covering those windows like sheer curtains are all of our beliefs, our expectations, and our assumptions about what we’re looking at.  This semi-translucent veil colors and distorts our view just subtly enough that we don’t tend to notice its influence.  Hanging between the world as it truly is and the world as we think it is, it glosses over all of the complexities, the nuances, and the depth that make things what they are.  Without these characteristics, what we see is just blurred enough to seem periphery, while our beliefs themselves take the center stage.

When we dare to challenge our beliefs, we pull that curtain back and the unfiltered light of reality begins to shine upon us.  If we go through life with an open mind and we are courageous enough to check our assumptions and to let go of the ideas that no longer serve us, then pulling back that veil is a freeing experience.  It leaves us refreshed and invigorated, like we just did spring cleaning in the dusty corners of our minds.  But if we have allowed that curtain to grow thick with too many layers and heavy with the dust of inattention, the sudden light of unfiltered reality can seem too bright and we will be tempted to close our eyes to its truth.

No matter how blinding that first glimpse may be, however, it is well worth the time it takes to adjust to the brightness.

Once the veil of pre-conceived notions is pulled away, the whole world is transformed and suddenly everything comes to life.  Every wildflower and cloud, every smile and breeze is vivid, crisp, tangible, and exciting.  The world is ripe with inspiration and overflowing with energy, breathtakingly beautiful.  What before seemed mundane suddenly appears magical.  Where once there was only darkness there are glimmers of light reflecting hope like glimmering dewdrops in a deep forest.  The fogginess of belief dissipates and in its place are all of the complexities that make everyone unique, everything special, and every moment irreplaceable.

All it takes is a little bit of courage to pull back that curtain and peer into the brightness for our view of the world to be renewed – and with that renewed vision, we become new as well.

© 2016 Cristen Rodgers

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  1. The eyes are indeed windows to the soul. And the more open the soul, the brighter the light that shines through. Interestingly have noticed that the light in the pupils is absent whenever a person is disconnected from Spirit. You have a lovely blog Cristen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before
    but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be
    book-marking and checking back frequently!


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