Authentic Giving


Perhaps the greatest gift you could ever give to the world is the gift of your authentic self. When you give of your true, unfiltered nature, you pierce the barrier that separates us – and through this piercing, energy begins to flow freely and unchanged.  Your soul leaks out into your work, where it then tantalizes other souls, calling them to do the same.  When you give of your true self, the spirit within, the light that dims for no one, the gifts that are yours alone, you give to the world your genuine, natural beauty – the kind of raw, uncompromising beauty that can only be found wrapped up in imperfections and vulnerabilities.  Only with this kind of complete openness can pure, undiluted, unrestricted energy be exchanged.  It is where love and creativity are born; it is the place of infinite possibilities and uncompromising passion.  What gift could ever be more precious than that?


©2015 Cristen Rodgers



  1. Noble thoughts indeed. As per Indian tradition too, doing a service is much better charity than giving money and moving on. As you rightly say there’s much more involvement in the work. Loved this post, Thx 🙂

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      1. As I re-read the lovely insightful post, I loved the title “Authentic Giving”. The Bhagavad Gita and other Indian scriptures talk of Sattvik Daanam (which would translate roughly to “Authentic giving”) as the highest and purest form of ‘giving’. Just shared link to this post on comments page of Best wishes, Namaste 🙂

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  2. Wow, so short, and yet so sweet. It is difficult to choose a favorite a part … if I had to, then I think I would choose the line, “Your soul leaks out into your work, where it then tantalizes other souls, calling them to do the same.” The manner in which you expressed how authenticity begets authenticity is absolutely marvelous. Moreover, I believe you allude to the kind of freedom that results from releasing the true self, and so I would highlight that practicing authenticity in relation to the true self is not only compassionate in aiding others in doing the same, but also equally affecting self-liberation. Beautiful piece!

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