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Here We Are

There you are, my love, did I but for a moment let my gaze slip away? Your presence soothes me through a birds innocent morning song, and in leaf shaped sunlight dancing upon the walls. Your beauty astounds me, glimmering in dew covered petals and streaked across these pastel skies. Your hope courses through me […]


Stop running from your darkness. Stop letting your fears blind you to what desperately wants to be seen. Look into your shadows. Find your center and remain still. Stay present. Stay brave. Stay aware. Stay true and wait. Just as the sun will rise again in the morning, so also will love rise up to […]


Sometimes it requires far more courage to listen than it does to speak. Sometimes taking a step back is the greatest show of strength. Sometimes the best way to understand and heal the world around you is to understand and heal yourself. Sometimes the progressive path is silent and invisible, paved with subtle revelations and […]