I See You

In the first rays of sunlight that filter through my window, I see you shining down on me. In the starless midnight skies, I hear you teaching me. With each new breath, I feel you entering my very flesh and purifying my soul. And with each new meeting, you show me again what it is to be whole.

In the moments of silence, there you are, like a lover so close that we share the same name. So enmeshed we are that our essence is one and the same. Your fingerprints are there in the earth and the seas. Your signature is penned in light upon the skies and the trees.

Love is your name and my soul is your home. In the deep seas and forests, you wildly roam. In city streets you take on a clever disguise; but not too clever to be recognized by wonder-filled eyes. In the thunderstorms of my heart, you wash my spirit clean. In the faces of strangers, you show me parts of yourself yet to be seen.

This love story is penned upon every inch of my skin. Chapters are written in the ways of my animal kin. It’s inked in the rivers and mountains, in the pattern of wings across the skies – a story like no other, for Love never dies.

© 2017 Cristen Rodgers

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  1. To see what is unmistakably ever present, just beyond the confines of mindful forms but never farther away than our very being. Yeah, something like that. This is why we have poetry and prose, paintings and sculptures…and you are one of those artists and poets that point to what can’t be missed, only ignored. Thanks Cristen.

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